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#AH - How Can Programmatic Marketing Increase Your Bottom Line?
To get your clients on billboards or on TV, you might assume it’d obliterate 2023's budget – and 2024's too!

“You no longer need half a million dollars to be on a television screen,” explains Tyler Barnet, client services director at Grapeseed Media.

“In the past, to reach top publishers on connected TV, digital audio, and 98% of websites and apps, agencies would have to meet unaffordable minimum budget requirements and consolidate their budget into one share of voice.”

“However, now agencies can use programmatic marketing to reach their target audience without having to reach these minimum levels.”

Imagine being able to tell a client you can get them on bus shelters on busy London high streets, or featured during a Channel 4 ad break - without it wiping out your budget, controlling who sees it, or tracking results.

While this sounds great, what actually is programmatic marketing? And how can you make it work for your clients? Grapeseed Media partners with agencies to help them understand and navigate this world of ad tech.

"It can be overwhelming, with an endless array of options and jargon,” says Tyler. "You need someone to cut through the noise and provide transparent answers to any ad tech questions you may have."

Being able to use advanced tactics and take advantage of various new emerging channels means you can take your client beyond the capabilities of PPC advertising - and it's scalable too.

Tyler will be talking you through programmatic marketing works, and how you can use it without investing heavily in new, expert staff to harness its potential.

Feb 8, 2023 03:00 PM in London

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