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Complex and accessible JavaScript widgets (with simple HTML)
A comprehensive half-day online workshop (4h), based on our recognised lightning talk of the same title. Learn how to implement complex interactive user patterns while relying on simple standard functionalities of HTML!

Target audience: Web developers (of all skill levels), designers and UX people.

Pay what you can: We think that everybody should be empowered to learn about accessibility. We are happy to let you decide what you are able to pay: one week before the workshop, we'll send you an email and ask for an approximate estimation (payment will be after the workshop, so you can still change your opinion). This is our contribution to creating a better digital world where nobody is left behind.


The Accessible Rich Internet Applications standard (ARIA) introduced concise requirements regarding accessible implementations of various interactive usage patterns. However, compatibility varies a lot between browsers and screen readers. As such, it’s still a pain to create accessible cross-browser/platform/device JavaScript widgets.
Instead of using WAI-ARIA, it’s possible to create most interactive usage patterns by dividing them into simple HTML form controls, connecting them with some JavaScript, styling them as wanted, and adding only a tiny bit of ARIA here and there for polishing. This results in widgets that rely on rock solid browser standard behaviour in most of their functionality. In my talk, I will show how to create sophisticated widgets (like autocompletes, tabs, date pickers, or accordions) using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: they are compatible with each and every browser and assistive device (ie. screen reader). As such, they truly work for everyone - and are extremely cheap in terms of performance and maintenance.

Whether you want to build accessible widgets or you are simply interested in quick-and-solid solutions: I promise, this simple idea will have a remarkable impact on how you will write interactive HTML in the future.

Jul 28, 2021 01:00 PM in Zurich

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