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Welcome to Connect Ottawa's VIP Business Networking Strategy Session.
VIP Weekly Business Strategy Session
Weekly Themed Business Topic.
We cover:
1. Why
2. Challenges
3. Solutions
4. How Technology can help

What should you expect at a session?

Start at 12, and ends at 1.
(At 1 EST the VIP members can reserve a personal breakout room for 15 minutes to continue conversations)


- Introductions (pitch/video/links to post in chat to connect)
- Share wins, challenges, an idea, or something learned.
- We have open discussions to encourage thinking outside the box.

This is great for people who are:
- Tired of bouncing ideas off the wall?
- Looking for a place to share wins & challenges?
- Connect, Learn and share in a TEAM environment.

What do you need to succeed in business.?
We've got you covered.

Ask a question to the Connect Ottawa TEAM or to learn the topic of the week

Years of combined experienced to Guide You.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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