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How to Mistake-Proof Your Business- By Steve Royal
If you're in business, you are most likely aware that not everything always goes as smoothly as you might like. Have you ever asked yourself, "Where do problems occur in my business and what can I do to modify my processes so that they don't occur at all?"

The fact is that almost every problem in your business occurs because of a mistake made by somebody somewhere in the steps necessary to complete a job, from manufacturing to consulting with a client.

Mistakes are bad, but not inevitable. By applying the techniques from "How to Mistake-Proof Your Business," you have the option to run your business without the nagging feeling that something is going to go wrong.

It's a great feeling. Attend this session and learn the principles and techniques of "How to Mistake-Proof Your Business." This presentation is packed full of reasoning, explanations, and mistake-proofing techniques to make your business function better.
Key Learning #1: Understand why you should mistake-proof your business.
Key Learning #2: Identify special techniques that assure mistake-proofing is effective.
Key Learning #3: Understand "How to mistake-proof your business."

Feb 26, 2021 08:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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