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OPEN "Grieving @ Special Days: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Day of Loss and Others" Virtual Peer-led Grief Support Group
CRISIS: If you are afraid of hurting yourself or someone else, and if no other options are available, PLEASE go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 as soon as possible.

Free Peer-led Virtual Grief Support Group Meetings for
anyone grieving on

SPECIAL Days THIS MONTH; including,

Aside of making sure to be ON TIME for the meeting start, we will need your help in observing the following meeting rules:

1. VIDEO must be ON for all participants, if it is not, you will not be able to join or remain in group meeting. If you are placed in the waiting room for not having your VIDEO ON - you will need to rejoin meeting with VIDEO on in order to enter the meeting. THANK You.

2. MUTE must be kept ON until called by group leader

3. RAISE YOUR HAND to participate (either the zoom hand or your hand on the screen) and wait for the group leader to call on you. THANK You.

4. REGISTER: Please be aware that you will need to sign up for your own free Zoom account to register for these meetings & we will need you to register for each date you can join us on separately.

a. SAFETY: No Driving At Any Time While Participating in these Groups.
b. NO AUDITORS/STUDENTS - No auditors of any type are allowed in any of these groups.
c. DO NOT Share any of your Financial/ID Information with Anyone
Please choose only one meeting to attend.
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