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Friday YinFusions Series
Be Yinspired; the fusions will flow through four Fridays and rest on fifth Fridays.

1st Friday/month: Yin/Yang fusion of slow flow/yin.
2nd Fridays: Yin/Restore ends with deep restful bliss
3rd Fridays: Yin/Nidra ends with savasana Nidra.
4th Friday: Full hour of Yin with counterposes between.

Bring 1-2 bed pillows, 1-2 sofa cushions, 1 large (e.g. beach) towel, 1-2 light blankets such as Mexican (yoga) blankets. Yoga bolster sure, if you have (may replace much of the above). And an eye pillow/eye mask if you wish. Yoga blocks if you have.

Gratitude to my Yin teacher Kate Kuss for inspiring me to offer more of what I personally need, and I/we both think ALL need more of, right now: Quiet, self-care, opening, and meditative mindful stretch.

YIN yoga exercises the "plastic" vs "elastic" tissues, with long-held breathing poses that especially target hips, spine, and all our connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, bone, fascia, supply of blood through nerve networks).

Donations $5-$15 as meets your needs for appreciation, and ease. Venmo, Zelle, Paypal to: mary-aranas, 917-842-7974,

Thank you for helping to support my partner charities.
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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