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"Climate Change, Dead Sea Mud & Bible Chronology"
This is a special session with geologist Dr. Steve Austin. He writes: "The water shoreline elevation of the Dead Sea in the Middle East has fluctuated by more than 50 meters during the last 4,000 years. Think of the Dead Sea level like a giant rain gauge showing the change in climate during wet and dry periods of history. Mud layers indicate changing water levels that can be calibrated by artifacts, pollen, seismic deformation and radiocarbon. Abraham (2,100 BC) was called by God to dig wells and shepherd flocks on coastal mountains. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived during severe and prolonged famine and draught. They escaped to Egypt as the Dead Sea was at very low level. During Israel's conquest of the land of "milk and honey" in 1,400 BC, the lake's level was extremely high, only to fall extraordinarily during the years of the Judges and the Book of Ruth (1,250 to 1,100 BC). David, Solomon and the Kings of Judah and Israel flourished as Dead Sea continued to rise. Roman Empire and the rise of the Christian Church were during the high stand of the Dead Sea. The Arab conquest and the rise of Islam occurred as the lake level declined. Historical earthquakes of the Bible (e.g., Amos's Earthquake and the earthquake at the Cross) are represented in deformed laminated mud layers. Overall, straightforward Bible chronology synchronizes remarkably with historically calibrated Dead Sea mud."

Apr 13, 2021 08:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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