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#AH – How to Win When You Re-Pitch
Why is re-pitching so much harder than pitching?

Sarah Jennings is CEO of Oban International, and she shares an interesting story from a previous agency – where she learned some valuable lessons about pitching when you're the incumbent.

"A few years ago we had a sizeable client served by a dedicated team" remembers Sarah.

"We had a really strong relationship. We used to run quarterly client reviews, with a six-monthly NPS and we scored nines and 10s all the time. We were on great terms with the client. We thought in all honesty we were probably a shoo-in."

It didn't go that way.

This is a story that covers:

# The disadvantage you're at when you re-pitch
# How you can be outmanoeuvred by the other side

"The whole thing was a pickle from start to finish" says Sarah.

Alarm bells started to go off when the competitor pulled some VERY sneaky moves.

In this session we'll explore the problems of re-pitching as an incumbent.

This is a really interesting session to attend if you have a re-pitch looming.

Oct 20, 2020 11:30 AM in London

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