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CPN Workshop: Contemplating the Spaces in Between--Transforming Meaning from Experience through Writing
Facilitated by Dr Mike Wride: Transformative Pedagogies Lead, Centre for Transformative Learning, University of Limerick, Ireland

It can be a challenge to make explicit and visible the implicit or tacit knowledge we require for transformation – ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’. Revealing such hidden truths to ourselves can be challenging but can also help guide our future actions. We can construct new knowledge and therefore new versions of ourselves through the re-interpretation of our experience.

In this workshop we will initially mindfully connect with the gathered community to create a safe space for contemplation and sharing. We
will then begin to explore an event (personal or professional) that might be called a ‘disorienting dilemma’ or a ‘meaningful learning experience’. This narrative approach will provide an opportunity to initiate a deeper layer of learning.

We will then contemplate the experience through writing and empathic, shared dialogue. These practices will open-up ‘the spaces in between’ us and in our stories, enabling critical and creative contemplation, which, in turn, will help generate transformed perspectives.

This workshop will provide you with space for contemplation and sharing as well as practical tools and techniques. You can employ these approaches to enhance your own practice. You can also consider how they might be embedded in your curricula to support deeper engagement, expression, reflection and contemplation by your students.

Mar 24, 2021 03:00 PM in London

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