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The Knack of Watching: Osho’s Open Secret to Meditation!
We sat with Osho for years, going back to the 1970’s! And for years, he spoke about “watching” as the key to meditation. But it took MORE years for us to understand and then experience what “watching” really was! That is why we describe it as an “open secret!” It is RIGHT THERE, right in front of us. But it is EASY TO MISS. And that is why we both feel it is ESSENTIAL to understand and experience what “watching” is all about, and how to bring it into our lives and our meditation practice. We now understand that "watching" has always been there, every day of our lives. It isn’t part of the mind. Rather it is a “knack,” which resides OUTSIDE of the mind. It’s like balance. Balance is there from day one when we arrive on the planet. But it can’t be learned. Rather, it is a KNACK that CAN be experienced. And one day, it is suddenly available! That is when, as small children, we begin to walk and and then run! Later, balance can be used for every day activities, like riding a bicycle. Again, it is a knack. And if we try to pedal a bicycle, we may fall many times, until one day, the knack of balance becomes available! The same is true about Watching. If we continue watching; sitting and watching; walking and watching; eating and watching – then, one day, we find that the knack of watching is available!

Osho has said that the easiest way to connect with this knack, is to begin by watching the BODY first. Once we’re able to do this, it becomes easier to THEN WATCH the mind. With the body, we begin to recognize that we HAVE a body, but we are NOT the body. We are the watcher, WATCHING the body. Once we’re able to watch the body, then we can more easily extend the watching to the mind.

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Feb 11, 2023 08:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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