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Summer 2022 Zoom Qigong with Master Wu - XinYi BaGua/Heart-Mind Eight Trigrams
14 May - 6 Aug 2022: XinYi 心意, or Heart-Mind internal alchemy and martial arts, holds its origins in the study of the Daoist Hidden Immortal Lineage. The principles of XinYi martial arts are the same as those of traditional Daoist Qigong practices (internal alchemy).

In this practice series, Master Zhongxian Wu explores the BaGua XinJing, the most secret practice from the legendary DaiShi XinYi Quan 戴氏心意拳 – Dai Family XinYi Internal Alchemy and Martial Arts School. This practice provides an essential resource that will help practitioners of all levels deepen into their practice, build strength and stamina, explore transformation through inner alchemical processes, and connect with the spiritual root of traditional Chinese mind-body arts.

We will practice: HunYuan Zhuang 混元桩, a standing practice designed to allow you to unify yourself with the universe and return to the Dao (the emptiness), thereby entering what is known as the “prenatal state” in qigong and internal alchemy practices; LiuHe XinFa 六合心灋 (the Six Unions Heart Method), a high level practice to deepen your understanding of the XinYi system; and the BaGua XinJing 八卦心鏡 (Eight Trigrams Heart Mirror), to connect the heart of all martial arts.
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