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Golf Pilates Virtual Classes by The Intelligent Core
June Linda's Zoom Golf Pilates Classes
For golfers who want to stay in shape, keeping the body toned and supple. Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Pilates. You can join in for the full 40min or for 20-30min for a shorter workout. Choose dates for the whole calendar month in one go, by week/s or by session. No classes 3-10 June.

MON 10am - 30min All Level
MON 6.30pm - 40min All Level (with live studio class)
TUE 8.30am - 30min All Level
TUE 6.00pm - 40min Relaxation & Stretching
WED 8.30am - 40min All Level
WED 6pm - 40min All Level (with live studio class)
THU 8.30am - 30min All Level
FRI 10am - 30min All Level
Your microphone is muted, leave your camera turned on or off. Ask questions before and after the class.

Pay monthly £75 UNLIMITED (26 classes) + a private session online 30min to discuss your progress and tweak the exercises
Pay monthly £40 up to 12 classes/month
Pay weekly £12 up to 2 sessions/week
Pay per live session £8
Monthly subscriptions include access to the VIDEO LIBRARY for June.
If you prefer to only have access to the VIDEO LIBRARY with pre-recorded classes it is £10 per month.