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Diversity and Power in Elections
Yes on 2 promises to put the power back into the hands of voters, but what does that really mean? In three parts, it means that the politicians Alaskans elect will be more representative of our voice and our needs. This is accomplished by establishing:

1. Increased transparency by ending dark money
2. Open primaries
3. Ranked choice voting

Anchorage is one of the United States’ most ethnically diverse cities with more than 100 languages spoken in the city’s streets and schools, and the issues we face – especially in a time as unique as a global pandemic and social justice movements – differ greatly. Right now, we need elected officials who understand these differences and can work together to address them all. Politicians should not be serving private interest or toeing partisan politics, but working hard to make the life of each Alaskan better.

Join this webinar featuring bipartisan, local, and expert panelists to discuss the ways in which Yes on 2 will increase diversity and inclusion in Alaska’s elections, and ultimately our representation.

Moderated by Kimberly Waller, CEO of Women's Power League of Alaska, this event will feature:
Mohit Nair, Partnerships Director of FairVote WA
Dalecia Young, Operations Coordinator for Alaskans for Better Elections
Jonathon Taylor, Lifelong Alaskan and Former UAA Student Body President

Oct 10, 2020 01:00 PM in Alaska

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