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CAWASA Webinar 2021 Series No. 20 - Water Separation Controls and Monitoring - RO Desal Plants
CAWASA Webinar 2021 Series No. 20
Topic: Water Separation Controls and Monitoring - RO Desal Plants
Presenter: Mr. Chip Westaby

Chip Westaby is the Sales Manager for Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, the world wide leader in fluorescence on line monitors for oil and algae measurement. With over 20 years experience in oil / water separation controls and monitoring, Chip has worked in refineries, oil field, desalination plants, power plants, etc. He has presented at international water conferences, been published numerous times and focusses on field experiences.

Reverse Osmosis Desalination plants have become significantly more popular in the last 15 years to operating costs being reduced significantly. Large municipal and industrial plants have been installed through out the Caribbean. When these plants are near industrial facilities or shipping channels, oil spills can cause significant damage to the reverse osmosis membranes. Algae blooms can also cause fouling that increases the operating cost of the plant. Both fuels and algae can be detected by fluorescence monitors to alert the plant operators that additional intake water treatment (dissolved air flotation) is needed to protect the membranes.

The same fluorescence technology can also help industrial waste water plant operators quickly identify upset conditions and when high oil can be discharged from the plant.

This presentation will review the causes of membrane fouling, methods of preventing significant issues, and how to detect fuels and algae reliably. There will be a discussion of how to have low maintenance operations in dirty industrial waste water and utility cooling water.

Sep 15, 2021 05:00 PM in Caracas

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