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Special Programs - Browsers & Search Engines - Leader JB Burke
Browsers & Search Engines
What is the most important program on your computer? It’s probably your Browser. Why is that, and which of the many Browsers should you be using? Being on the internet is nice, but that doesn’t get you much. To see and do about anything, your Browser is your necessary Window to the World Wide Web.

Once you are on the WWW, how do you find stuff? You know where a few things are (your banks, credit card sites, shopping, etc.), but where is everything else (among the 1.88 billion websites that exist)? That’s where the Search Engine comes in. But which should you use? And did you know – Search Engines and Browsers seem to be Free, but You (and your information) are the payment. We will address these issues in this 2-part program.

Oct 23, 2021 01:00 PM in Arizona

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