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#AH - OPERATIONS MASTERMIND: "How Productising Our Services Made Us More Efficient"
“A lot of our project-based work we were selling was very much consultative - it relied on me and the founder to come up with a lot of the work ourselves,” says Joe Daniels, COO of Treacle. “The issue there was we wanted to scale like an agency.”

Joe and founder Roland felt that if they wanted to scale the agency quicker, they’d have to package up their offering in a way that made it easier to train new people. But that wasn’t the only motivation.

“We had a bit of a process, but it changed with each client. There wasn’t really a set way of doing stuff, which obviously makes it a lot harder to sell,” Joe says.

So, they decided to productise Treacle’s service offering.

They slimmed down the process and ended up with three discrete sections: a positioning package, a messaging package, and a communications package.

“It became more about brand positioning and finding something to stand up for and believe in,” says Joe.

The business runs on the idea that ‘every agency is positioned around a problem and a solution’ - whether that’s a client problem, and industry problem, or a societal problem.

Now, instead of spending three to six months on a client project, they only need around a month.
“It's one core idea that you're seeing through from start to finish - and it makes it a lot easier a way to communicate that to prospects and to train people up.”

In this operations mastermind, Joe will be taking us through how he made his business more efficient by productising his agency’s service - AND made it easier to sell to new prospects in the process.

Feb 14, 2023 02:00 PM in London

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