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Chazown Course
Steps are fascinating because each one is so different. Each one never treads on the same ground exactly. That means that each one is unique and has a different story to tell. That's a bit like our lives and how we live them out. For example, many of us will do this today, never really thinking about their consequences. It's what we call normal. It's like a network of unseen and unthoughtful actions. They don't carry any outside purpose except bring our bodies to get to the end of our day.

But what if we thought about some of those steps and filled them with more purpose? Just imagine what possibilities that could form! What do you think would happen to our tomorrow's by applying vision and energy to those actions. Many of us see our day as just another day to get things done. I call that routine just adding to our daily chores. But what if we stepped into a multiplication mindset and thought about doing something on purpose today so that we can see multiplication tomorrow. That's what I see in this statement, "The steps we take today on purpose is the fruit of our tomorrows" such a powerful thought God gave me today.

I have been thinking about it on my walk this morning. Asking myself, What are you doing today that will produce fruit for tomorrow? that's when I began to see that I was doing more steps to get things done rather than taking steps to see the manifestation of a vision for tomorrow.
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