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Understanding how your data can be used against you - Online with Leigh-Chantelle for #DataScienceWeek
In our always-on culture we are constantly tethered to our digital devices and we leave behind a digital trail each time we are online.

Whether it is what we are looking at online, which bridges we drive over, where we are when we make a phone call, our purchasing habits, or what our profile answers are on dating sites, all of this personally identifying information can be used, sold, and shared online to create an extremely detailed representation of our lives.

Is convenience a big enough trade off for our privacy? How can we understand how our data is collected and used - and how can we have some semblance of control with how our information is used? In this session, Leigh-Chantelle offers solutions to help attendees understand how our digital trails are created and some of the things we can do to alleviate the harm, including how we can pause, consider, and decide to make lifelong healthy digital habits.

About the Presenter:
Leigh-Chantelle is passionate about cyberpsychology, digital well-being, and digital communication, in particular prioritising conscious choices towards interactions, especially online. She is currently completing her PhD on autonomous vehicles and blockchain technologies at Griffith University. She has created a new concept and model, Digital Equilibrium, which encourages lifelong, healthy digital habits to thrive online and beyond.

May 11, 2021 11:00 AM in Brisbane

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