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Marking Chukovsky's 140th Anniversary with Dr. Megan Swift and Olga Bukhina
Chukovsky, Then and Now (by Dr. Megan Swift)
Chukovsky created a canon of Soviet children’s literature in the 1920s, he was also the most popular children’s writer in post-Soviet Russia as late as 2016 with over 2.35 million copies of his works sold in that year alone. We'll looks at how Chukovsky has been republished and re-illustrated for his new child (and parent) readers, and how he provides a vital link between two generations divided by the fall of Communism.

Chukovsky as a theoretician, a subject, and an object of translation (by Olga Bukhina).
Chukovsky is not only a very famous children’s writer known to everyone in Russia and a famous translator of British children’s and classical literature, he is also one of the first scholars of translation theory in Russia. We'll look at his ideas of a “high art” of translation, thoughts on the issue of accuracy vs. artistry in translation using multiple examples of good and mediocre translations. We'll talk about his own translations from English into Russian and the translations of his poems for children into English: contemporary translators also need to manoeuvre between the Scylla of accuracy and the Charybdis of artistry.

Dr. Megan Swift is a professor of Russian Studies at the University of Victoria in Canada (modernist literature, Soviet book art and revolutionary culture). Her book "Picturing the Page, Soviet Illustrated Children’s Literature and Reading Under Lenin and Stalin (University of Toronto Press, 2020) won two book prizes. She is also the editor and a co-author of the "Revolutionary Aftereffects: Material, Social and Cultural Legacies of 1917 in Russia Today" (University of Toronto Press, 2022).

Olga Bukhina ( is a translator, a writer, a children’s books specialist, & an independent scholar based in New York City. She has translated over 50 books from English into Russian, often together with her sister Galina Gimon: graphic & young readers’ novels, historical fiction, etc.

Sep 23, 2022 07:00 PM in London

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