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Mental Health 101: 1) Feelings are not always facts, 2) Friendship is the special key to mental health, 3) We are capable of loving and being loved, 4) The human person is nurtured through all that is spiritual. Source: Thursday 6:30 Weekly Meeting
Grow offers a school for living for better mental health, taught during weekly meetings.

Overly negative thoughts, feelings and anxieties are too common a problem. The Grow Programme offers a structured way to connect with other people and learn together healthy ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

“Learning to work with your feelings means learning to be confident even when you feel anxious or depressed. Feelings are like horses and you are like the rider. With training, you and your feelings become a single team.”

“The human person is nurtured through understanding, encouragement, acceptance and friendship, all of which reflect the spiritual. Grow is not tied to any particular religious belief or tradition.”

The Grow Programme for better mental health is introduced in 4 weekly meetings.

Feel free to attend any or all of the sessions. There is no cost to attend and no referral is needed.

Time: Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm
Sample Topics:
Session 1 - The Three Basic Changes to Better Mental Health
Session 2 - Feelings and Anxieties
Session 3 - Friendship and Mental Health
Session 4 - Developing our Personal Value

At the beginning of the meeting we will review the Grow 12 steps of recovery (to better mental health) and personal growth, and we will discuss our commitment to keeping the meeting discussions confidential. Then we will hear a story of recovery or growth through Grow. After that we will ask people to share a little bit about themselves and what they want to learn. We will read from the book "The Grow Journey" available on, and we will discuss feelings and anxieties, and how we can better learn to manage them, and the meeting's topic. Then people may share a little bit about their feelings and anxieties, and we will offer advice derived from Grow literature. We will collect feedback about the meeting.

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Mar 30, 2023 06:30 PM
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