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LifeStream College Application Support Series
March 30: College Apps - What Are They Looking For?
- The college application process has changed, especially since the pandemic. We'll walk through an overview of the college application process and talk about what admission professionals are looking for!

April 6: The Common App - How Does It Work?
- Learn how to navigate the Common Application and understand what admission professionals want to see!

April 13: Meaningful Activities
- Want to learn how you can take a day-to-day activity and create something meaningful for you AND for admission professionals? According to a recent NACAC study, 81.3% of admission professionals say activities have an impact on their admission decision! Join Lee Norwood, Activity Specialist and Owner of Annapolis College Consulting, for this interactive event!

April 20: Writing An Effective Essay
- Your essays not only enhance your academic score but your personal score too! A recent NACAC study indicates that 80.5% of admission professionals say the essay impacts their admission decision. Join essay expert, Neal Schwartz, Owner of College Planning Of Westchester, and learn how to write essays that will make a positive impact on admission professionals!

April 28: Test or Not To Test - What You Need to Know
- Over 1,800 accredited colleges and universities are now test-optional, and almost 90 are test-blind. What should you do? Join test prep expert, Neal Schwartz, Owner of College Planning of Westchester, and find out what that test-optional and test-blind means for your college application!
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