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Somos Luceros - Dancing in and out of Balance: An Embodied Exploration of Static & Dynamic Balance
Join us for Dancing in and out of Balance: An Embodied Exploration of Static & Dynamic Balance

Date: Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 10:00AM PDT
Time: 10:00AM PDT | 11:00AM MDT | 12:00PM CDT | 1:00PM EDT
Class is one hour.

To balance is to make adjustments to the distribution of our weight (or what we are carrying) to restore steadiness and stability to our bodies. These adjustments allow us to remain upright and to maintain a sense of equilibrium, and they can happen both internally and externally.

Static balance is when we hold a position and posture while exploring balance. Dynamic balance allows us to explore how to maintain balance (and relative stability) while we are moving more of our body. Both require adjustments.

Internal balance invites our awareness; noticing if we are making adjustments from a place of pressure and “perfection” or spaciousness and a willingness to choose support. External balance invites us to use resources; it may look like choosing to use a wall, chair or object to provide support and stability. How we steady ourselves is up to our own exploration and is for no one to judge.

This class invites balance to be a fun and playful exploration with zero expecting of achieving or sustain balancing.

Our movement exploration will be a blend of Nia, Shake Your Soul, Yoga asana, and ArcanaDance. I hope you can join us!

The dance moves are simple and guided by the language of storytelling. You are invited to receive the choreography, bring it into your body and make it your own.

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So looking forward to dancing with you.
- Jennifer

Mar 19, 2023 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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