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DRWA Cross-Connection Control Program Basics

$500 DRWA CCC Program *Credit for 1st 56 Registrations!
*Must be a DRWA member to receive $500 Credit

3 hour learning session live on the internet via Zoom. Attendees will learn fundamentals of backflow prevention, cross-connection control program elements.
A. Introduction to Backflow Prevention - Backflow/Cross Connections Backpressure/Back-siphonage Handout Review

B. Fundamentals of Backflow - Type of Cross Connections --High & Low Hazard, How/Why Cross Connections Happen Backflow Prevention & Handout Review

C. Methods of Preventing Backflow - Devices & Approved Assemblies Testable Type vs. Non-Testable
Correct Applications of Protection & Handout Review

D. Regulations and Code Overview - Applicable State Plumbing Codes and related regulations, ASSE Standards and test requirements

E. Surveying/Assessments and Corrective Action – Identifying Cross Connections, Documenting Inspections, Assessing Backflow Hazards and Determining/Enforcing Corrective Action

F. Components of a Comprehensive Program Current Resources - Avoid Reinventing the Wheel Data Management & Recordkeeping
Challenges from Water Customers

G. Next Step Actions and Recommendations-
Overview of Program Options-Best Practices by Successful Programs
Cross-Connection Ordinance Template and Forecasting CCC Budget
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