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Nariya! The Shabbat Sing Out
RAISE YOUR VOICES, move your bodies, catch your breathe and gather strength as we create a "circle" of sound to welcome Shabbat.

Co-sponsored by Kavod!
Also, you may want to have your candles, your kiddush cup and your challah (or any bread) available to join us saying the blessings.
Below are our Invitations/Intentions in building this prayer space:
FEEL FREE: In this prayer space you are invited to bring and engage your whole self, to let go a bit and feel a bit freer, in whatever way feels right to you. You can dance and jump, cry and laugh, or sit in silence and stillness. All are welcome, All is welcome.
EMBRACE SILENCE: We allow for silence at the end of each song/chant/prayer for the sound and the prayer to settle, reverberate, and deepen in us.
LESS IS MORE: The Rambam (Maimonides, a 12 c. Jewish sage) says: “It is better to do a few [words of prayer] with kavanah (intention/great feeling), than many [words of prayer] without kavanah. Said another way: “less is more.” This is a guiding principle behind our prayer here. We are reducing the number of words, so that the words we do say can truly be encountered and authentically move through us.
PRAYER AS PRACTICE: We intend the energy cultivated in this gathering to send ripples out into our lives; to nourish our prayer lives, to deepen our journey through Shabbat, and to stir us and spur us to live out our most authentic selves, and build a world of peace and justice. See Less
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