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Intro to CBCT
As cone beam becomes the standard of care, what are the fundamentals in choosing the right unit for your needs, and when is the right time to add it to your practice?

Pan or CBCT?
> It's More Than Just Field of View
> It's More than Just Excellent Quality
> Details in CBCT that are completely unidentifiable on a 2D image
> How Vatech's range optimises your workflow from clarity in diagnosing, treatment planning to easy communicating and referrals.
> Meet Vatech's new Green X CBCT with the special Endo Feature! Learn more at

Is cone beam really necessary?
> The specific areas in which cone-beam radiography is rapidly becoming recognised as essential.
> CBCT READY? How many pans and cbct's per month make the investment in a CBCT unit worthwhile?

Further Learning / How to Master CBCT Diagnosis?
> What short courses or post-graduate study opportunities are available in South Africa?

This intro aims to be brief while answering the most pertinent questions in CBCT today. Hosted by Vatech's CBCT specialists and trainers, Renso (South Africa) and Franc (UK).


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