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"Twice Born". Join Krishna Prem as he turns 48 years young as an Osho Sannyasin
On February 14th Valentine's Day 1973, Michael Mogul met Osho and became Krishna Prem. Krishna Prem became Twice Born. Join KP as he loves to be called on his journey home.

KP will share his journey from 'here to here' with Osho.... from his early days with the master right up until the present... which is the only moment there is.

How can I become the New Man that you speak about?

"There are two births. One is given to you by your parents; that is a physical birth. The first birth is only a seed. It is of immense value if the second happens; it is of no value at all if you miss the second birth. You have to be twice-born. That’s how we have defined the buddhas in the East.

The second birth has to happen within you; it is of consciousness. It is not of your body, it is not even of your mind; it is of awareness." Osho

Who is Krishna Prem? Or KP as you may know him.

KP is an international teacher of Meditation with over 45 years of experience of leading Meditation workshops in the USA, Europe and India. He was born in America and graduated from Boston University in the United States. Upon graduation, He managed the Ship Hotel in Shepperton England and from there he traveled East in 1973 where he met his teacher and friend Osho in India. He brought his passion for meditation back with him to California where he founded Geetam Ashram which flourished into the biggest Osho Meditation Center in the West. His philosophy is based on the fact that ‘Everything in life is noise but when you focus on meditation the noise turns into music’.

KP is well versed in Advaita Meditation. His teaching includes that " We are one existence appearing as two friends."

You can read the first chapter of KP's book "Gee You Are You" for free at the following link if you would like to know more about him.

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Feb 14, 2021 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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