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Free Webinar on Welding – A Key Metal Joining Technique
Welding is essentially joining of two metal parts together using heat and a filler material. Much as any other metal working process, technology has affected welding too, which has evolved over a period of time. Today three main Welding techniques such as Arc welding, MIG & TIG welding make up for the most used welding processes in metal joining, besides few other specific welding methods. Given that welding is a much used metal joining technique, it is important to know the right combination of metal and welding process to be used. Hence this webinar is focussed on giving you a preview into the basics principles of welding for an aspiring Welding professional.

• Understand the basics of welding as a metal joining technique
• Factors and techniques affecting a welding process
• Advantages of using Arc, MIG & TIG welding

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SPEAKER : Mr. Vijay Agawan

This webinar will be delivered by Mr. Vijay Agawan.

He is an industry expert with over 46 years of experience in the field of welding activities related to research, development, equipment manufacturing. Quality Control , Contract Manufacturing and Training. He holds a Master degree in Production Science & Technology degree from IIT-Kharagpur & an IWE (ISO:14731) Diploma. He is a qualified Welding Professional and a free-lance consultant for in-house group companies and several other industries for training and problem solving. He has also given his services as a Regional Director (West) to Indian Institute of Welding-ANB for promoting the Welding Education among users, and ISO Certification of Individuals and Industries.

Oct 19, 2021 11:00 AM in India

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