Busara Center for Behavioral Economics
Busara Center for Behavioral Economics is an advisory and research organization focused on advancing and applying behavioral science in emerging markets. Busara applies rigorous research methods and evaluation tools to enable partners to improve program design, assess existing interventions, and optimize internal processes.

We often hear from prospective clients and partners that “Research” is a slow-moving machine that is costly, time-consuming, and requires an abundance of effort. We want to actively change this paradigm and show that we can complement traditional research methods with findings that are collected in a fast and nimble way, all the while providing rigorous and high-quality data. Indeed, it is possible to generate high-quality behaviorally-informed findings with little lift, and we are trying to prove this by heading by example.

KITE is Busara’s Knowledge and Insights Tool for Experiments that is an application available on the Google Playstore that anyone with an Android phone can download, join Busara’s participant database and fill out surveys, participate in campaigns, experiments and polls. This platform can also A/B test multimedia content such as posters, videos, and audio clips. We've embedded this tool in work with our partners to answer questions such as testing incentives for community health volunteers, evaluation of an edutainment program to shift attitudes and perceptions toward piracy and illegal fishing, and understanding resilience during COVID19. As we are scaling the rollout of this tool, we have a few questions we'd love to hear perspectives on:

What are some best practices for verifying identity remotely for collecting feedback-related information?
What are some best practices around growing a digital tools platform while also not being exclusionary to community members without phones/internet access?
How do you package your findings in a form that is easily digestible by the communities that are studied?
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