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Mahamudra Meditation
Mahamudra Meditation was given by Osho in his talks, Tantra the Supreme Understanding, on the Tantric Master, Tilopa who is regarded as the founder of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

The meditation consists of two stages. The first is Latihan, in which the meditator allows his/her body to move in accordance with the universal energy. The second stage is Prayer, in which the meditator becomes a channel: taking energy from the sky, pouring it into the earth. Osho says, if this meditation is done regularly for about three months, the meditator can experience a state of dissolution into existence, known as Mahamudra, The Great Orgasm.

And the final state of orgasm with the whole is called Mahamudra, the great orgasm. Orgasm is a state where your body is no longer felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity. It vibrates so deeply, from the very foundation, that you completely forget that it is a material thing. It becomes an electric phenomenon – and it is an electric phenomenon.

You have not to do anything; you have simply to be there, loose and natural, just waiting for something to happen. And if your body starts moving, you have to allow it, you just have to cooperate and allow. Latihan is the first step. And, by and by, you will feel so beautiful doing it that you will feel a meeting is happening between you and the cosmos. But this is only the first step.

And end it with prayerfulness. Then kneel down on the earth. Then raise both your hands toward the sky with closed eyes, and feel yourself like a hollow vessel, hollow bamboo: inside, hollow, just like an earthen pot. When you feel the energy is overflowing, pour it down into the earth. Take from the sky; give it back to the earth, and you just be a hollow bamboo in between.

This has to be done seven times. And if you do less than five times, then you will feel restless after it because the energy will be hanging somewhere in-between.

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