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(02. May 2022, 15h UTC = 10am mextime)

Online and Escuela de Medicina Ciudad Mexico

This would be the main event in the thematic PEACE AREA which, because of its importance should be organized by the WSF-Facilitation-Committee.
The threats with nuclear weapons, 26 actual wars and more than 200 armed conflicts demonstrate: the world is in danger. 2Billion Dollar 2020 for military spending and 900 million people are going with hunger to bed, poverty enlarged worldwide. Money for health care and education is missing everywhere. We need disarmament for surviving, for solving the global challenges and realizing the SDGs.
It implies the participation of outstanding personalities who profess their opposition to any kind of military action to pursue political goals. The participants will examine the root-causes of the ongoing military conflicts and outline the perspectives of peace-making in different parts of the world.
• Noam Chomsky – Professor of Linguistics – USA (video)
• Cindy Larissa Rodríguez, Deputy minister for international cooperation Honduras
• Binalakshmi “Bina” Nepram – indigenous activist and Human Rights activist from India, board member IPB – India
• Jeremy Corbyn – former Chair of the Labour Party, MP from UK (zoom)
• Reiner Braun – executive director of the International Peace Bureau – Germany (zoom)
• Julieta Daza, Venezuela/Columbien Juventud Rebelde (zoom)
• Aleida Guevara, Cuba (tbc)
• Raul Vera, catholic bishop from Saltillo, Mexico

Mexican Singer Cabino Palimarez

Moderation: Cora Fabros, Philippines network for peace and nuclear weapons free (zoom), and Miguel Alvarez, SERAPAZ, Mexico
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