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Maximum Yang: A Fire/Summer Qigong Workshpo
Saturday, June 11, 2022
16:00 - 18:30 GMT, 2.5 hrs
Online via Zoom (recording available for 7 days)

Summer is related to the Fire element in Chinese medicine and qigong. It’s a time of fullness and maximum yang, when nature ripens and matures all that she grows. Yet Fire's expanse and openness can also leave it vulnerable. When left unchecked, fire can become too hot, ignite suddenly, or burn out. To best support our fire element, we can turn to practices in qigong that support our heart, which is the primary organ related to the Fire element. By cultivating conditions for our heart to be calm, spacious and bright, we can let it meet, metabolise and respond to life's experiences with clarity, compassion, strength and love.

In this workshop we'll explore the role of the heart in Chinese medicine and qigong, ways that fire can become balanced and imbalanced in our constitution, and qigong practices for the heart and its three helpers: the small intestine, pericardium and triple heater – organs that associate in Chinese medicine with helping us live with compassion, joy and love.

Open to all levels of practitioners.

Donations/Dana: This workshop is offered based on dana, which is a Buddhist word and teaching that means generosity. Dana works on the idea of reciprocity and mutual support. With my teachings, I will offer what I hope will best support, guide and nourish you in your practice. In exchange, you are invited to give an offering of dana that reflects the support, guidance and nourishment you feel you have received.

A suggested dana is £20-30, but please know that this is only a suggestion. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you are welcome to attend this workshop for less; likewise, if you have more financial means and the workshop has offered you something of value, you are welcome to offer more.

Dana can be given:
1) Via my website: https://www.mkdeemer.com2) Via PayPal or
3) Using Venmo @Miranda-Kuo-Deemer

Jun 11, 2022 04:00 PM in London