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24th April - BODY WISDOM
ONLINE, 5RHYTHMS, Dancing in the Winds of Change - Fridays 7.00-8.30pm
This week I am inspired by DIRECTION. Which direction/s does your body naturally want to move in when :
• fluid, receptive, fascinated
• clear, focussed, taking action
• releasing, letting go of tension & control
• spontaneously, intuitively, effortlessly imagining, creating & shapeshifting
• slowing down, being, opening to pure presence and consciousness

Up and down, sideways, in circles, forwards, backwards, on one spot, through the space with momentum ? Giving attention to and listening to our bodies creates awareness of patterns in our directional movement on and off the dance floor. Opening into the dance, giving the body permission & space to move freely in whichever DIRECTION is present in motion in the moment through each of the 5Rthythms connecting and moving with the intuition and spontaneity held in our feet, knees, hips, spine & shoulders, elbows, arms & hands, neck & head and breath.

There are no steps to follow and everyone is welcome as they are, YOU ARE THE CHOREOGRAPHY. You will be guided by the music which follows a structure of changing rhythm and supported by my teaching and spaceholding to connect, listen to and allow your body to move freely, in its unique rhythm at its own pace. All you need is a willingness to move and bring your presence and dance as everyone contributes their unique energy and expression to the group. The weekly themes are for dancers who wish to explore different perspectives of their movement and my teaching style is permissive and open so you do not have to focus on the theme to participate in a class. I curate

I curate the music live to guide and complement the theme and also support any other intentions that dancers may have. Online gives you the freedom to join other dancers from your home, patio, garden, local park, favourite spot or wherever you feel relaxed with no travelling, low cost and wearing whatever you feel comfortable in. Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor. Warmest Lucy
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