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#SDGtalks special (1): Indian Institute of Management Indore students will share insights on sustainable development
Sustainable Development e-Talks (#SDGtalks), is a special series of online talks featuring insights from thought leaders on range of issues around sustainable development, co-hosted by CNS and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore.

On 30th June (3pm India time), the Sustainable Development e-Talks (#SDGtalks) series, co-hosted by CNS and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, will feature special-seventeen keynote speakers, who will share their insights on range of issues related to sustainable development where no one is left behind!

(all are students of IIM Indore)
* Priya Sahu
* Divyansh Prakash
* Sartaj Singh
* Abhay Singh
* Anurag Ratan
* Anjali Sunil
* Kaustubh Jain
* B Sai Sushma
* Mihir Thakar
* Parv Julania
* Sunil Jamuda
* Pranav Raghuraman
* Suraj Patel
* Ankit Kumar
* Jeevan Joseph M
* Shree Shantha Reddy K
* Anjali Roy

These online #SDGtalks and conversations with senior thought leaders (from India and around the world) on a range of issues around United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs enshrine promises made by India along with 193 countries globally to achieve by 2030. With 125 months left to deliver on these SDGs, these talks are aimed to promote eLearning, online knowledge sharing, information exchange, dialogue and debate and discussion, with respect for dissent, around sustainable development, where “no one is left behind”.



Aug 31, 2020 03:00 PM in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi

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