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DDOT reversible lanes study presentation and discussion - Shared screen with speaker view
Ian Swain
Good evening all! Thank you for your time this evening. For your records, the project email is Conn-Ave-revstudy@dc.gov
Matthew Bright
Thank you so much for the presentation and for working on this project. In Concept A, could the 3’ bike lane buffer serve as a pedestrian refuge at bus stops?
Elizabeth Ferenczi
Thank you for the presentation.
What is the death-injury rates for DC bicyclists riding on cycle tracks vs. on single lane protected bike lanes?
In 2017, the DC policy institute reported that 13.7 percent of DC workers walked to work while 4.6 percent biked to work and 6 percent worked from home with the rest of the work force going by public transit (bus & Metro) or driving. Do you have updated data on how DC residents get to work?
Matthew Bright
Do the models consider not just vehicle trips that would move to other streets, but also vehicle trips that would disappear? If not, how are the models balanced against benefits like this of reduced road capacity?
Michael Rifer
well, related, is there any way to model how many trips might shift to other modes (e.g. would bike usage increase?)
Karen L Davis
It sounds like these plans aren't focused on encouraging people to use public transportation to commute more frequently. Why not try to discourage traffic overall?
Since part of Muriel’s push on vision zero is to get people out of their cars and since more workers are using public transit with many choosing to use the bus, is it worth looking at dedicated bus lanes as a priority?
Sauleh Siddiqui
Thanks for your question John, we had an 8pm stop time, we will see if this question can be answered, if not, please do send your questions to any of the presenters and/or to Conn-Ave-revstudy@dc.gov
Why stop the study at Legation rather than continuing North on Connecticut to Chevy Chase Circle?
Karen L Davis
The existing parking data collection map doesn't even show the separate lane between Macomb and Ordway on the east side of Connecticut. Eh?