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Webinar: My First Year as an MHR – The Highs and Lows presented by Dr Katie Allen MHR, Member for Higgins with Heather Lacey (Chair) - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Lawson
Given what you’ve said about your background and views on the major challenge of our day - climate change - what drew you to the Liberal party vs Labour vs Greens?
Shirley Zaitman
Quarantine is a Federal responsibility, why don't Border Force, the AFP and the Federal Health Department take over hotels at airports and bring in professionals from private and public hospitals?
Helen Pettet
What happens when you have a conflict over a party policy in renewable energies, a health or educational issue? Do you support the oil refinery for Western Port Bay and the number of tankers that will enter?
Peter Lawson
question: Given the issue with the latest furore over cheap dispatchable power, what are your views on forcing the solution to be a gas plant rather than providing an agnostic solution for the 1000MW required?
Helen Pettet
from Helen Pettet: I’ve heard that
Helen Pettet
From Helen, I’ve heard that the amount of energy from our solar panels is not fed into the system because the present infrastructure can’t handle as much and can become overloaded.
Michael Dorahy
do you think the vic govt covid targets being based on target date and 14 day average are the right way to go or do you prefer date based only targets?
Peter Lawson
When do you think we’ll get a carbon price?
Peter Lawson
Or the equivalent ...
Not a question, but rather a reinforcement of previous talk during this session. If the media is accurately reporting, there is reinforcement today that even a totally locked down state with its premier making this clear as to why they have not cases is WA - today they have reported 1 case. I believe this situation totally reinforces the inability to ever eradicate Covid from a global community.
Peter Lawson
thanks Katie ... your secret ids safe with us!
As with Heather’s excellent Global Challenges series on Zoom, Katie you’ve excelled today too. Thank you to both of you.
Peter Lawson
STEM rocks! (As an ex teacher/IT/engineer)
Jennie Franklin
Thank you - really enjoyed!