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Project Firstline - WCAAP & WSNA - Shared screen with speaker view
Christina Pease
Which population/community groups were invited? how do you do outreach?
Christina Pease
specifically in what languages?
Melissa Walsh
Amy, thank you so much. How are you logistically handling the 15 min observation period in your clinic?
Tom Long
How many doses have you given and have you seen any reactions?
Crystal Shen
how are invitations to eligible people & scheduling occurring?
Sherri Zorn
We’ve struggled with having enough space for the post shot vaccination observation period to keep everyone socially distanced. Has this been a limiting factor for you?
Christina Pease
sea Mar is vaccinating as a community site as walk in instead of appointments. we still are getting non BIPOC people primarily. any others doing walk ins?
Christina Pease
are there ways to partner to get to people without regular access to internet
sheryl morelli
Seattle Children's is planning to vaccinate their patients 16+ with 2 chronic conditions, waiting to hear from DOH if they give them permission to offer this to non-SC patients who meet this criteria preferentially over others who qualify for vaccine; communication will go out to SC active medical staff and be posted on website once we get an answer; happy to answer questions please feel free to email me Sheryl.morelli@seattlechildrens.org
Imad Jobah
Please fill out this evaluation: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PFL_WA
Mary OConnor
do you use interpreters for other languages?
Imad Jobah
WCAAP Project Firstline Resources & Recordings: https://wcaap.org/physicians/project-firstline/