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Biotechnology In North Texas - Shared screen with speaker view
Brian Buffington
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Lamont Lockwood-InEx
The obvious challenge posed by lack of VC investment would be lack of human resources to support growth as investment increases. Is this a zero-sum game with NY and CA? Texas accelerated some growth with CPRIT but how many experts will be needed if investment increases 10x? Or can current companies better leverage human resources like Moderna?
Robert Hill
other questions?
Lamont Lockwood-InEx
Are there areas where Texas could become a center of bio like Puerto Rico's tax support did for manufacturing? Is centralization a defensible advantage?
Sue Thirlwall
Any guidance on who might be interested in a strategic partnership or licensing agreement for a supplement or alternative to the Covid vaccine? Local company with a very promising patented product is looking.
Lamont Lockwood-InEx
Up until this year we didn't have ice!
Connie L Luthy, PhD, MBA
Projected opening date?