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Transition to District 5, Amanda Sawyer, Councilperson - Shared screen with speaker view
Denise Oakland
Link to 2023 new district 5 map https://www.denvergov.org/files/assets/public/city-council/documents/redistricting/lgmap_city_council_dist_precincts_streets_2022.pdf
Denise Oakland
Contact Links/ Website for District 5 https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Agencies-Departments-Offices/Agencies-Departments-Offices-Directory/Denver-City-Council/Meet-the-Council-Members/Amanda-Sawyer-Council-District-5
andrea mitchell
We are walkers. Are you in favor of the initiative on sidewalks?
Brian Jeffrey
I am part of a Sr. Group that has been treated disrespectfully by management at Parks and Rec. Our efforts to get top admin to address this have been ignored. How can you assist us in correcting this issue?
Paul Monson
I would like to believe that the people of Denver really are at the top of the "org chart". However, that is clearly not accepted widely. For example, when a strong majority of our CCE community disagree on a zoning change within our area, the zoning board does their own thing, repeatedly ignoring our inputs. How can you better represent our needs and desires as well as remind them what the role of the people of Denver should be.
andrea mitchell
Keep us updated on BRT. We need the transit but not the brain damage
Alice Kaderlan
Please describe exactly what the BRT is? What will it look like?
Mike Liebman
That BRT / parking issue would have a big impact on the gateway projects at 1st & Colorado and Bayaud and Colorado, wouldn’t it?
Robin Pittman
Thank you for voting no on 3400 E. Bayaud and121 S. Madison. Moving forward, could residents be successful in getting changes to parking restrictions so that our streets are not over-run with cars owned by tenants of the apartments going in on those lots and others such as Steele Street? What would be the process for that?
Mike Liebman
Xcel won’t add many lights as most in our neighborhood are provided by the residents. (Except at some intersections)
Robin Pittman
Also, what's the difference between a Bus Rapid Transit line vs. the existing buses on Colorado?
Denise Oakland
good point Mike. I feel that the seasons on Bayud side need better lighting
diane huttner
What is happening with the development on Colorado between First and Bayaud?
Bill Tanner, Moderator
The overlay now coming before the City Planning Board would require developers to install lights on residences on both the street and alley sides of new houses
Paul Monson
Mike is right . . . we have to provide and change our own bulbs in street lights. Cumbersome and difficult.
Luke Gordon
I really appreciate you voted against the rezoning that do not conform to neighborhood plan and against building without parking. It is unfortunate the these measures passed.
Walt Smith
Why did it take the Library Leadership 10 months to reach out to residents on ideas to provide some sort of library service following the closure of the Cherry Creek Library?
Hunter Banbury
Is there any procedure to appeal a rezoning?
Luke Gordon
What can we do so our neighborhood is observed rather than ignored and limit large increase in rentals and density?
Denise Oakland
I think that the elected officials that decide the future of zoning in neighborhoods should be required to walk through and know the neighborhood before voting. do they require this?
Hunter Banbury
Really appreciate your approach to councils role and your involvement in so many great programs. Is there anything we can do to help you (including donating) in your campaign?
andrea mitchell
Is CC west part of district 5?
Robin Pittman
Thanks, Amanda and Bill
Brooks Waldman
Thank you Amanda!