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SCALE Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
David Zelinsky Sierra Club
Mohawk Valley Stewardship Council was an ally on helping Dixie survivors.
David Zelinsky Sierra Club
Would like Jim’s email to connect him to El Dorado County Fire Safe Council
Jonathan Kusel - Sierra Institute
Jim Houtman <jimh@buttefiresafe.net>
Steve Haze - Sierra RCD
Thank you Jim for sharing your experiences -- These are very similar with what we are trying to address through the Creek Fire Recovery Collaborative where 885 homes destroyed last year -- and several communities devastated. Highway 168 FireSafe Council, Sierra RCD and dozens of social services/community organizations are struggling to move our communities to recovery dealing with the socioeconomic and environmental impacts. We are there with you.
Janet Hatfield
Jim were you able to amend your CCI grants that were awarded before the Camp fire, to help with recovery and restoration efforts?
Jim Houtman
Yes. and our partners at CALFIRE help design the best place to continue projects. It also helped to write a specific Camp Fire recovery grant in the following year.
Jim Houtman
We have also started adding extra CEQA to all of our grants so we have shovel ready projects while we continue to add CEQA to existing projects. i.e thinning of 200 acres with CEQA of 500 acres
Jim Houtman
The data portal Wolfy mentioned is here
Jim Houtman
Sherry Hazelhurst
The Forest Service eagerly looks forward to expanded dialogues with state and local partners to coordinate program and project priorities to best leverage all of our resources for sustaining and restoring healthy forests and communities.
Allison Jolley, Watershed Center (she/her)
Re: overhead as it relates to capacity building, the DOC deserves massive kudos for being the first CA agency to honor NICRA! (a new policy they are piloting with this second phase of RFFC).
Maxwell Odland (CARCD)
Steve Haze
Norma very good! We have been moving in that direction. We are currently using the WIB's Business Services Center in Fresno as a resource for our workforce development and Creek Fire Recovery planning efforts.
Norma Santiago
Awesome sauce!!
Pat Manley
I think the Million Acre Strategy is intending to identify resources available for each Region, including data, people, tools, training.. Also, the Science Advisory Panel and USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station will soon be completing a library of assessment tools to help stakeholder groups more readily understand what is available and what is a good fit to the need..
Jim Houtman
North Complex Fire (2020):2,330,360 MTCO2e
Jim Houtman
Camp Fire (2018):1,704,810 MTCO2e
John Buckley
With respect for Rich’s concern about USFS policies or spotted owl PAC protections, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of forest lands are available to apply forest treatments. Until a stakeholder group and the USFS gets to the point where all non-PAC areas have been treated, there is no need to debate mechanical logging treatments in owl PACs. And while CEs may be only available for certain circumstances, CEs definitely are an option to streamline NEPA planning and approvals for many projects that can make a positive difference. John Buckley, CSERC
Norma Santiago
Randy Hanvelt
It gets worse. you are citing active fire emissions. The dead dying and residual continues to decay and release GHG for some time. WE focus on electrifying vehicles and the wildland fire releases more GHG than all the gas powered vehicles in the State by far every year
Cherilyn A. (UAIC) & Jonathan G. (El Dorado & Georgetown RCD)
Tribal collaboratives, yes. Others, not as often
Norma Santiago
South Fork of the American River (SOFAR) Collaborative
Andrew Lee
Jonathan on your note, collaboratives should ask themselves: what are we doing to cultivate the next generation of our collaborative.
Sarah Di Vittorio
Regarding the next generation, the National Forest Foundation has a fellowship for graduate students focused on exactly that. https://www.nationalforests.org/collaboration-resources/conservation-connect-fellowsWe have had partner organizations and collaboratives host Fellows, especially when they can bring some funding to support that. If you are interested in hosting a Fellow, let me know sdivittorio@nationalforests.org!
Norma Santiago
Great idea Jonathan!!!
Allison Jolley, Watershed Center (she/her)
I believe that each regionally focused RFFC grantee is collecting projects and needs in their region, as part of the regionally planning process. So groups like SNC and NCRP. Maybe Alex could speak to the SNC approach to that?
Todd Sloat
NFWFs Shared Stewardship Advisor Program does have working Tables by Advisor-Region for projects in the “Wildlands”
Cherilyn A. (UAIC) & Jonathan G. (El Dorado & Georgetown RCD)
My contact is cashmead@auburnrancheria.com
Isabella Bledsoe
Sierra Institute is collecting data on collaborative’s shovel ready projects. Please fill out our Google Form if you get a chance: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfZHFkeBhIwf1O_YNj8226UOy-uJFNcBTno8UGJTnSUKEOC_Q/viewform?usp=sf_link
Alex Vance
Norma Santiago
Great couple of days! Very informative and extremely helpful. Thank you so much!!!
Sharon Farrell, CA Landscape Stewardship Network
Solutions emerge from understanding barriers!
Kelly Sheen ~ Trinity County RCD & TC Collaborative
Most excellent! Thank you all!
Terri Walsh
Thank you!
Cherilyn A. (UAIC) & Jonathan G. (El Dorado & Georgetown RCD)
Thank you, All!