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Law in Lockdown - Support for Junior Lawyers - Shared screen with speaker view
Samantha Randolph
I was due to start a new position next Monday but my start date has been pushed back (yet unknown). I have been on furlough by my current employer since 6th April - I only qualified as an NQ in January 2020.
Lauren Burton
Would you be able to kindly clarify the updated situation you mentioned re the psc and qualifying as a solicitor?
Lauren Burton
Fab, thank you for clarifying, very helpful!
Donna Smith
A really informative and reassuring webinar! It is fabulous to see how much help and support is out there. Thank you.
Scott Romsey
excellent webinar, thank you
Rishii Chowdhury
Fantastic webinar. Thank you
Michelle Taylor
Thank you for a very informative webinar, from Nottinghamshire Law Society.