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Twilight Talk - EnerPHit, the passivhaus standard for retrofit - Shared screen with speaker view
Seb Green Register
If there are any tech issues, please let me know in the chat and we will try to resolve them
Charlotte Surrey - TGR
Welcome everyone! Great to see you and thanks for joining us this evening. We are pleased to welcome Sarah Lewis of The Passivhaus Trust. The presentation and a recording of this event will be available in the next few days. Please do post any questions or comments in Chat and we’ll address as many as possible.
Charlotte Surrey - TGR
The Green Register has made a short film on an EnerPHit project in Bristol for The International Passivhaus Association Open Days - you can view it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYRe63a-Fjs
Rory McNeile
Is there likely to be a VAT reduction to encourage retrofit approaches rather than new build?
Charlotte Surrey - TGR
There is more on this EnerPHit project on our event on 2nd December - part of our Real-life Retrofit series of case studies. Info here: https://www.greenregister.org.uk/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=775
Charlotte Surrey - TGR
For anyone who has just joined, welcome! Please post any questions here in Chat - we’ll pick them up around halfway through the session. Do share any experiences you may have of EnerPHit projects too!
Philip Jordan Dorchester
So far it seems that all the emphasis is on converting to heat pumps the great bulk of UK's existing 29million homes i.e. from today's miniscule number of installed heat pumps to a million a year - but where & when + what happens to the Gas Grid to keeping it healthy safe & functioning in the meantime & right up to 2050 + why on earth not convert at least parts of it to supplying hydrogen
Philip Jordan Dorchester
If you don't try to reach all UK's 29 existing homes, you won't reach them all - but who decides which will/won't be reached AND who pays for the cost of heating those that aren't so reached by deep retrofit?
Keri Barr
Is the retrofit plan used if the work is to be done in 1 hit, or only for a phased implementation?
What is the average cost of certification for EnerPhit
mick woolley
Is Periodic heating tool for just the estimation of current usage, or does it still apply after a retrofit
mick woolley
will we definitely need mvhr after a retrofit, could we use piv or similar?
Aaron (Anstey Energy)
Do I need an accreditation to use PHPP or EnerPhit? I am a domestic and commercial Energy Assessor and I'd like to develop my work in this area
Peter Whybrow
Are there minimum U-values and an air tightness that need to be achieved to install air source heat pumps and make them efficient without costing alot to run. There is alot more that goes into retrofit but are there some minimums to aim for to keep energy costs low when looking to install air source heat pumps.
OK - cost for certification for, say, three bed detached house ?
M Reynolds
Please explain again the “HLC” used for more accurate modelling of heat usage in existing houses.
Hi Sarah, As it is debatable whether there is proper enforcement of current Building Regulations in the UK, viz Grenfell and the cladding scandal, I m worried that the construction industry will not build toEnerfit/Passivehouse without national legistation and enforcement.
Anna Carton
Have PHT compared/contrasted/collaborated on the stock model with the GLA London Building Stock model?
Philip Jordan Dorchester
It's no surprize that there's been no steady improvement in existing housing stock's energy efficiency over the last decade i.e. that's due to the successive governments since 2016, cuts in insulation support, such that there's been redundancy in key firms specialising in insulation! All this whilst government around the world has continued subsidizing fossil fuel companies
mick woolley
will we definitely need mvhr after a retrofit, could we use piv or similar?
Rob McGinnes
One dissuading factor for those considering deep retrofit is the possibility that they will incur the added cost and then Gov. funding will be brought in later and they miss the funding. It would therefore seem positive if we could at least lobby to gain an agreement that any retrofit from now on say, would be back paid. This would allow those that want to invest to at least do so in knowledge that they won't be any worse off than had they waited. It'd need cross party agreement but given political situation I'd imagine that would be the easy part if support could be obtained from current UK Gov. Only posting this in case any one here is in contact with the right people to make the case.
Gave you explain the new role of PAS 2035 retro fit coordinator? What benefits does this bring?
Do you think that there will be sufficient materials for all these projects?
Keri Barr
How do you convince a client that a retrofit is a good idea - when they tell you that they will not get payback on the cost? A recent client (electrical engineer) told me that he will just crank up his gas heating....and was considering changing to an electric boiler. His house is std 1920's built. I was only talking to him about adding external insulation - all his render is popping off, so refinishing has to be done anyhow. It's terribly frustrating trying to convince clients it's a good idea.
Aaron (Anstey Energy)
Sarah, Can you estimate how much your power consumption went up after installing the MVHR?
Keri Barr
In a retrofit how much should we focus on organic insulation materials? Which have lower embodied CO2, but are about double the cost (and thickness) of plastic insulations. PH seems to focus only on operational CO2 and doesn't address the just as important embodied CO2. I'm familiar with the moisture issue of plastic insulation.
Adam Vaughan (JDDK Architects)
Fantastic session. Got to dash, but thanks everyone!
The courses are so expensive (£2500) - are there any grants available for sole traders?
Dai Gwynne
Can we look for certified contractors in our area from your records?
Debbie - ASBP
How do you ensure that retrofit measures done - as one off projects - are correctly installed? With a view to full EnerPHit at some time in the future (possibly by the next owner of the building).
Dai Gwynne
Retrofit Coordinator role is something that an architect say would normally provide anyway - in terms of coordinating the measures. The specific need for it is for all the projects that do not get an architect: The schemes that insert insulation or do draught proofing but otherwise would not have anyone asking "is this really a good idea?" "Do we need to do other stuff at the same time (like ventilation) - what sort?"
anna faltynska
It looks like mvhr has been pretty compulsory for a Passive House Standard, was there any consideration of ventilation like FiWi HRV or Venti?
Kate de Selincourt
RE persuading clients - I think people can be helped to appreciate the health and comfort benefits of deep retrofit. For many this ends up being more of a motivator (and more valued afterwards) than the bill savings
M Reynolds
Surely PH needs to be factoring in Time-of-Use electricity and batterIes as a way of lowering carbon for situations where building geometry, historic/planning issues, huge expense and disruption make deep retrofit problematic.
Philip Jordan Dorchester
Just by it's substantial Energy Use reductions, PH must be an economic advantage
Brian Q Love
The best way to fund upgrades is to require all buildings to be brought up to an agreed standard within 12 months of being sold. if this had not been done fines will kick in which increase over time. What will happen is that a whole industry will spring up of buying buildings with low certification? bringing them up to standard and the selling on - exactly as MOT failed vehicles are repaired and sold. This system uses the capital of the building to fund the upgrade
Kim Ebling
Great session -thank you Sarah and all !
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