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First Friday Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
The Ocean Project
Here is a link to Enric’s book, https://bookshop.org/books/the-nature-of-nature-why-we-need-the-wild-9781426221309/9781426221019
The Ocean Project
And a link to the resources being developed with and for the zoo, aquarium and museum community https://theoceanproject.org/30x30/
The Ocean Project
Apologies for delay in our start. There will be a Q&A following Enric
The Ocean Project
s comments, so please add questions here in the chat. Thank you
The Ocean Project
Here is information on the High Ambition Coalitonhttps://www.highambitioncoalition.org
Enric Sala
This is the High Ambition Coalition for Nature nd People supporting 30x30: https://www.hacfornatureandpeople.org/
Bill Mott
MPAs cover about 26 percent of U.S. waters - source: https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/mpaloc.html but that percentage doesn’t yet cover a wide range of geographies and ecological areas
John Linehan
Can you send-out these links post meeting?
The Ocean Project
Will do - Thanks John
Bill Mott
Absolutely, we’ll have this all on a blog by early next week
Rachel Graham
The 30x30 is a laudable goal and truly we need greater conservation of marine biodiversity to yield the 3 results (biodiversity, food security and climate change resilience). my concern, working on the frontlines of marine conservation with MPAs and coastal communities is the lack of support by many communities and governments for fully protected MPAs, in part due to a lack of understanding of benefits but also the inability so many communities to make the leap to wait for fish populations to rebuild. Also the lack of funding and enforcement for existing MPAs makes an expansion to 30% of fully protected areas a considerable challenge. how do you bring coastal stakeholders and governments fully on board to support and steward this high level initiative?
Carrie Heinonen
I believe the late great EO Wilson called for 50% of the Earth to be set aside. Is 30% better supported by science or just more realistic?
Bill Mott
Lots of great questions! and we probably won’t be able to get to all of them live but will get back responses to all very soon.
Bill Mott
The science is pretty clear at least 30% and definitely more realistic politically - still ambitious and if we can pull that together by 2030 that would be huge. If so, 50x50 could well be the next call for action
Bill Mott
As to protecting the High Seas question…More Than 100 Countries Call for Protecting at Least 30% of the Global Ocean by 2030 https://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/articles/2021/09/22/more-than-100-countries-call-for-protecting-at-least-30-percent-of-the-global-ocean-by-2030
Toph Bryant
And ASTC as well!
Bill Mott
Yes! ASTC has been playing a key role, as well as AAM, with AZA
Bill Mott
The letter signed by 180 zoos, aquariums and museums and sent to the administration was led by ASTC, AAM and AZA https://theoceanproject.org/2021/11/180-zoos-aquariums-and-museums-from-all-50-states-sign-in-support-of-30x30-and-america-the-beautiful/
Toph Bryant
We're excited to be on the list!
Bill Mott
We are opening up that letter for easy 2022, so please spread the word to your ASTC colleagues. We’ll be announcing that next week, to re open that letter and align with the public comment period related to America te Beautiful and 30x30, through early March
Bill Mott
Sorry, early 2022
Katie Cubina
Year 1 report of America the Beautiful is out and showcases some early work with locally led community efforts and incorporating indigenous traditional ecological knowledge https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/AtB-Year-One-Report_.pdf
Erin Meyer
...and zoos and aquariums are trusted organizations in their local communities. We not only have the expertise to educate and build support for PAs and 30x30 but also the expertise to advance community-driven efforts to increase protections and establish new protections.
Bill Mott
Great, Katie, thanks and folks can find related resources here: https://theoceanproject.org/30x30/ as well as tool for visitor and policy maker engagement as Douglas was mentioning earlier
Hannah Phillips
what or where does the accountability lie in achieving this goal?
Bill Mott
Absolutely, Erin! Trust level up there with Jacques Cousteau !
Rachel Graham
We also need to avoid bluewashing as many protected areas are increasingly sited or expanded to areas far offshore of low productivity and biodiversity but that benefit from low levels of conflict with coastal populations.
Bill Mott
Yes, we need special protections for at least 30% and we also need to sustainably manage 100% of the ocean
Jen Driban (she/her) - National Aquarium
Zoos, aquariums and science centers can also play a key role in reminding state, local and tribal governments that the ocean and water must be included in legislation to commit to 30%, measure and create additional water protections. Governments seem to be more willing to talk about terrestrial protection than digging into the water piece...
Toph Bryant
Thank you so much. Great session.
Carl Myers
Thank you so much!
Jen Driban (she/her) - National Aquarium
Thank you for this great conversation. And huge thank to Enric for your important work!!
Muskan Lamba
Thank you so much!
Carol McCallum
Thank you everyone.
Laura Johnson
Thank you so much Enric! You have been an inspiration to me since I was 17.