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Made Futures Virtual Expo: Meet Britain’s makers & virtual speed networking - East Midlands - Shared screen with gallery view
Hasan Vazifdar
Good afternoon everyone. Great to be here with you
Aneta Giedzinska
HI All, please see link to visit the exhibition https://madefutures.com/made-futures-careers-week/login
Aneta Giedzinska
if you trouble loggin in to the exhibition please email events@madeingroup.com
Hello,I have done my Aerospace Engineering and I am on the path to complete my MSc Mechanical Engineering Design from University of Huddersfield. I have done two internships from an aviation organization and a private aerospace manufacturer. I am willing to immediately start my career in manufacturing sector. I am good at Matlab, CAtia, Solidworks, Microsoft Office Word,Excel , PowerPoint https://www.linkedin.com/in/farrukh-javed-aero
Charles Addison
Thanks for logging in today everybody, be sure to share your linked profiles for our employers and don’t be afraid to turn your camera on - we won’t be picking on anyone in the audience but it helps our panel get feedback from what they’re saying. Enjoy!
Anshul Kumbhare
Samantha Morley
Hi everyone, I work in the employer engagement team at Nottingham Trent University, focusing on our Engineering courses. Keen to speak to any organisations looking to connect with students for placements, projects, graduate roles etc: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samantha-morley-23363690/
Autocraft - Lindsay Morgan
Hi Everyone, I have to pick the kids up from school (oh the joys of working from home at the moment!) Autocraft has 13 live vacancies advertised at MadeFutures, many of them are for multiple people as we grow our engine, components and EV battery business! I'm on the stand every day for live chat, come and visit us and discuss with me what your skills are and if they match what we are offering! Lindsay Morgan - Autocraft
Hasan Vazifdar
Very valuable advice thank you everyone
Aneta Giedzinska
Aneta Giedzinska
contact events@madeingroup.com if you have problem with log in