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Alice Early & Nancy Star Book Talk - Shared screen with speaker view
Kate Kaufmann
Hi Alice. Can you talk about your choice to write in local dialect? What challenges and opportunities did this offer to you personally and to the construction of your fantastic novel?
nancy star
Hi everyone! If you’re not on the island and you want a personalized copy of Rules for Moving, you can order it online from Watchung Booksellers. I’ll be signing there at the end of the month and they will ship a copy right out: https://www.watchungbooksellers.com/book/9781542006378
nancy star
Hi Zoe!
abby remer
If they haven’t said so before (I got on late:( What are they working on now
Maureen DeSena
when I read the books the words, thoughts and flow make it effortless for me to read. I know it is not effortless and is probably painful at times - can you talk about how long it really takes you to bring your novel to completion
abby remer
Alice…do you map out your story beforehand or let it evolve and take where you where it will
barbara dolgin
Alice, how did you come up with the notion of a ghost? Is this part of Nevis culture—a religious superstition or belief?
Maureen DeSena
thank you for hosting - a great event!
Mary Hickey
thanks to all of you!
Tucker Lieberman
Thank you!