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Rural Housing Design Mission: A Rural Ageing Population: How might we create Northumberland communities with the right housing in the right places? - Shared screen with gallery view
Steph Oxley
We can share the slides with everyone following the session for those wondering :)If anyone has any questions throughout, please pop them in this chat & I'll pick up as we go through the slides.
Jen Hall
Audrey, Colin and Judith both need welfare benefit checks. May qualify for C Tax discount for dementia. NCC Library Service now offering a digital helpline for anyone struggling with IT
Chris Fletcher Karbon
Ultimately everyone needs to have resilience. Health and bereavement (family or friends) cannot be changed. But resilience and social isolation can be improved.
Jen Hall
You can only Plan and Decide if there are options.
Ríona Mc Ardle
Being proactive with future proofing the house - e.g. movement to downstairs bedrooms, changing the bathroom to a shower room - I know one couple who (high SES) installed an elevator into their home so they could keep their bedroom upstairs. So knowing when to begin to adapt your housing for your ageing problems before they occur?
Ríona Mc Ardle
might be relevant: https://www.alz.co.uk/research/world-report-2020
Ríona Mc Ardle
World Alzheimer Report 2020: Design, Dignity, Dementia: dementia-related design and the built environment
Jim Robertson
Are there any specific projects responding to housing needs of younger people in rural [non town] areas? Examples would be helpful
Ríona Mc Ardle
I don't know if this would be useful, but having guides that councils/service providers/social care etc can provide on how to plan housing for certain common circumstances e.g. ageing, mobility loss, dementia, learning disabilities, etc, guides that they can quickly access and try to implement
David O'Leary
Jim: I live in Kibblesworth - KeepMoat built a scheme in our village - replacing Airey homes to provide a mix of 3/4/5 bed homes at reasonable cost to both people in the immediate area as well as people relocating into kibblesworth - including some bungalows as well for resident who needed them
David O'Leary
I think that's a key thing - Proximity - to family / friends / carers / amenities
Jim Robertson
Marinaleda model village in Seville area of spain was developed adopting profoundly social principles. population about 3000 and rising! Frightens the ruling Spanish hieracrh! I visited briefly for interest and inspiration. Suggest a group visit from Northumberland
Ríona Mc Ardle
Almhouses association does this kind of thing, I think, they have a purpose built villages for people to live in, usually for low-income
Julie Gibbon
We need a philanthropist to help us - how about we go out and find one……
Chris Fletcher Karbon
I'm so pleased to have been involved today.
Simon Green
Thanks everyone for such a constructive discussion
Ríona Mc Ardle