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The Minority Faculty and Staff Association (MFSA) Presents "The State of Race and Racism at the University at Buffalo - Shared screen with speaker view
Joshua Altemoos
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Benjamin Willis
Hello Everyone, thank you for this session/platform. Definitely appreciate you!
Kevin Ragland
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Monica Carter
Thank you Ms. Cross!
Romunda Harris-Fonville
what is MFSA doing to reach out to Black alum for support? When we come back to try to reach back the ability to link back up - the hurdles put in place - leads many to think you don't want or need our input or support to help you obtain that RESPECT for the programs and organizations that helped us make it through
Naila Ansari
I want to piggy back on Ms. Cross and Dr. Foster and Dr. Taylor. I am a recent MFA graduate and had a faculty say “ I’m tired of the conversation about diversity . The reason why we don’t have students of color in the program is because they ‘don’t exist’ K-12” Meaning there are no BIPOC students capable of being in the program. This is one of several comments like this made. This behavior and language is rampant across the campus. How does the school plan on providing anti-racist training to faculty and staff?
Michael Sheridan
Thank you all for sharing your ideas. Can someone speak to UB’s plan to shift some programs (professional schools) to South Campus over the next couple of years and how that might change the way UB engages with the broader Buffalo community?
Meg Doerzbacher
The students of color in the school of nursing themselves have suggested one common course that all UG students are required to take. If we require all UG students to take CL courses and freshman seminars, there is no reason we couldn't do that.
Marla Segol
We could revive the old 360 class, which helps undergraduate students to prepare to teach a class they believe is necessary.
Danielle Johnson
Super proud of you, Tamara. Your commitment to creating sustainable social change was clear from the very beginning. Keep going. Everyone at Open Buffalo are so proud of you as well!
Paul Zarembka
Henry Taylor mentions Economics having no Black, Latinx, Native faculty. He is correct … there has not been any such minority to 'retain'. (For the first time, we have only now ONE woman tenured faculty member.) I don't see any of my colleagues in this conference. My department thinks it has no racial prejudice in hiring. I suspect that something like a minority QUOTA will be needed in my own department.
Carine Mardorossian
I was struck by Dr Taylor’s use of the phrase “color-blind racism” because today there is a tendency to think of color blindness (alongside the innocence of children who are celebrated for not seeing racial difference) as a blessing bestowed upon the innocent(-minded). How do we shift consciousness so people start realizing that color blind is the privilege of whiteness, an extension of it and therefore of systemic racism at this moment in time? As such, searches or hiring practices should maybe bring racial justice to the foreground and discuss its implications from the get go as part of committee deliberations? How do we make affirmative action part of the discussion from the start and not just after the fact.
James Ponzo
are we planning action steps? follow up meeting?
James Ponzo
is their a link for new staff to join the MFSA?
Claire Cameron
Scroll to bottom to join: http://www.buffalo.edu/mfsa.html
Sharon Bailey
Are the deans, department heads and search committees willing to consider a cluster hire initiative as a feasible method to diversify and build a network of scholars?
James Ponzo
Monica Carter
Thank you presenters: Ms. Branch, Ms. Cross, Dr. Foster, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Waight, and Dr. Williams! Also thank you to all organizers, excellent program!
Monica Washington
I would like to suggest that we talk about how professional staff's treatment mirrors faculty experiences at UB. Professional staff is on the front line and how they interact with everyone they encountered is just as important to our success to attract and retain faculty, students, and staff of color. Staff are experiencing the same challenges everyone of color is at UB.
Richard Harris
Amen Brother!
Romunda Harris-Fonville
Well I'll say that when I was on staff, many, many years ago, faculty weren't very interested in our input on MFSA
Deanna Thames
Thoughtful solutions proposed here in the chat and by the panelists
Benjamin Willis
What about the barriers and obstacles some professors deliberately put in place to prevent minority progression and academic advancement. The abuse of power I believe Ms. Cross spoke of earlier.
Monica Washington
Dr. Taylor, can you please repeat the number of African American and Black tenure-track faculty at UB currently?
Stephanie Cowart
Thank you for this very important and interesting conversation. Thank you to the panelists and participants.
Benjamin Willis
Many others , including myself have experienced similar oppression.
Henry-Louis Taylor
There are 31 Black, 32 Latinx, 7 Native American faculty members
Sharlynn Daun-Barnett
This year there will be a Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program through the Center for Diversity Innovation to address some of these issues. What are your thoughts on this approach?
Sharlynn Daun-Barnett
James Ponzo
Sarah Robert
To Monica Washington’s question: “Dr. Taylor, can you please repeat the number of African American and Black tenure-track faculty at UB currently?” I wrote down that currently / 2020 there are 31 tenured Black faculty members.
James Ponzo
down from 67 in 1996
Sarah Robert
In 1996, there were 65 tenured and Black scholars
James Ponzo
pretty sure it was 67* but we can ask him 👍🏾
Sarah Robert
Yes let’s ask. So important!
James Ponzo
only 6% of the overall tenured faculty
Letitia Thomas
We're working on those workshops for TA's/GA's and faculty, staff and students in SEAS Nelaje!!!
Claire Cameron
I have recently initiated a GSE-centered group that was intended (among other things) to create community and support in the research enterprise for all involved parties including POC. I invited new faculty to join and one was cautioned not to "join any committees" and to protect their time in the first year for research. Some of the culture to work against is that of corporate, individualistic America; that productivity and singular achievement are more important than, and in contrast to, community and support (which I believe actually facilitate achievement and accelerate productivity). Whoever cautioned the new faculty away from my group meant well, but they didn't perceive my group as supportive, but as simply another committee to serve on.
Taylor Coleman (she/her/hers)
Are there any members of President Tripathi’s recently established advisory council on race? is there a plan of action on their behalf?
Letitia Thomas
Yes, a system of accountability is needed. I had a conversation with our Dean in Engineering about this on Tuesday and we're definitely looking at this. If anyone knows of accountability systems in use by other institutions, do share!
Shanna Crump-Owens
Yes, Monica the experiences of faculty are mirrored among Black professional staff...
Margarita Dubocovich
We have 2509 faculty members at UB and 70 URMs. So that is 2.789% URM - this a much lower that the number ~6% Henry mentioned. What am I missing?
Margarita Dubocovich
Monica Washington
There is a place @ UB to discuss and formally request action when a person feels they have been unfairly treated. That said, the cards are stacked against the person charging mistreatment. Often the person making these charges will not win, mostly because UB Administration has the advantage of White privilege,
Ruth Bryant
Inclusion should mean you have a seat at the table.
Margarita Dubocovich
Letitia … there are several prominent Univs across the county that lower the salary of chairs if they do not hire/retain a certain number of URM faculty.
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo
The Latinx faculty are less than 1% of the faculty at UB
Letitia Thomas
I'll have to take a look at that model, Margarita!!!
Maura Belliveau
Merging across rank: Black % of faculty at UB as of Aug 2019: 3.5%; Hispanic % 2.5%; Native American 0.2%. I was provided these #s by institutional research within CAS but these are purportedly university-wide. As of 2018, Texas A&M had 42 tenure-track faculty who identified as Black/non-Hispanic; 4 Native Amer; and 133 Hispanic tenure-track faculty. I do not provide these Texas A&M's stats to justify UB's VERY LOW # of Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic/Latino/a faculty but happen to have Texas A&M's #s in front of me now so sharing. UB's #s are low, hence the Provost's commitment to changing those.
Erin Kearney
This has been an excellent panel. Appreciate all of your time and insight and sharing of experience.
Claire Cameron
Thank you panelists and Noemi for moderating. I learned a lot and look forward to hearing from MFSA soon.
Danielle Johnson
This was an amazing presentation and incredible panelists! Thank you Ramelli, Noemi and MFSA for this!
Sunha Kim
Thank you Noemi and panelists for this great opportunity! Thanks and stay safe/well~!
Thank you all for taking the time to give us these valuable insights and thoughts.
Tiffany Karalis Noel
Thank you, Noemi and panelists, for creating this opportunity to learn and engage.
Molly Maloney
Truly excellent discussion--deep thanks to all of the panelists and organizers!
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo
Thanks Maura, we have to revist UB's numbers since they counted faculty who are European and Spanish as Hispanic. Hispanics refers to people who are descendants of those who were colonized by Spaniards a number of brown people: indigenous, mestizo (indigenous and white mixed) , Afro-mestizo and Afro-indigenous folks
Brian Haggerty
Thank you for extending this invitation to everyone. I'm appreciative of hearing from all who contributed.
Diane Elze
Thank you so much. fabulous panel and discussion.
Brandi Moses
Thank you everyone! Excellent discussion.
Jennifer Mandina
Thank you, everyone!
Mary Odden
This was a wonderful presentation, thank you so much to everyone for sharing. I took copious notes to report back to the Academic Affairs Task Force on Racial Equity, for what its worth.
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo
Thanks to all!
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Rebecca Larson
Thank you all for this enlightening discussion!
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Thank you everyone - extremely informative.
X. Christine Wang
Great session. Thank you for the panelists and Noemi! Look forward to your future events.
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Thank you, everyone, for a very important conversation! Thanks, Dr. Waight, for moderating!
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Thank you panelists and MFSA!
Deanna Thames
Thank you all panelists and moderator for this discussion!
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This was a very informative presentation and the panelists were amazing. Thank you for your time.
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Thank you everyone! Very enlightening and important discussion!
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Thank you!
Dr. Keli Luchey
Do you have to be a current faculty/staff member?
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Great discussion and insights. Thank you!
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Thank you in particular to Temara and Nelaje for sharing your personal stories!
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Thanks Ramelli!!!!
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Thank You!!! great session!
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This was excellent! Thank you to all involved in planning the program.