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Vermont’s New Wave of Agriculture: Womxn in Hemp & Cannabis - Shared screen with speaker view
Natalie Crue
Maddie Kempner
+++ Harmony
Maddie Kempner
Can someone address how the prioritization of licensing for BIPOC and women-owned businesses gives them meaningful access to this market when they do not have access to land and capital and Vermont?
Maddie Kempner
Thank you Harmony.
Maddie Kempner
There was testimony submitted to Senate Judiciary in January suggesting social equity language in S.54, which included among other things setting aside 30% of revenues from the cannabis excise tax for a social equity program supported people and communities harmed by prohibition. Why was that not included, whereas the current version of S.54 does include 30% set aside for after school programming?
Maddie Kempner
It was actually the legislature that chose not to include that language. Although the Governor has certainly prioritized child use prevention. I should also say that that testimony I referenced was provided by the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance
Jean Hamilton
Maddie, and panelists? can you recommend ways that we can push for more social equity within the next steps of cannabis regulation? Beyond voting....How do we gain voice and influence over this process?
Maddie Kempner
Call your elected officials and tell them they need to engage directly with communities of color in further developing this policy, whether S.54 passes or not. A lack of engagement with impacted communities is WHY this legislation is not good enough.
Jean Hamilton
Harmony for Governor!
Maddie Kempner
Agree with everything Harmony is suggesting. This doesn’t work for BIPOC folks, farmers, or legacy market growers and all of our voices are needed
Maddie Kempner
And contact the Governor here: https://governor.vermont.gov/email