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How do we get to Zero Waste - Press Confeerence with Antonio Reynoso - Shared screen with speaker view
Justin Wood, NYLPI
Appreciate the local elected officials taking time to push for Zero Waste on a busy day!
thank you for arranging this conversation. As the Deputy Commissioner at DEP, I want encourage all to keep advocating for local solutions including digestion of food waste to produce green energy in NYC existing infrastructure. We have 75 existing digesters in the city, are currently can take up to 500 tons of food waste today at one site in Brooklyn, and if we dedicate the right investments, DEP can take a huge percentage of food waste generated in the city.
Justin Wood, NYLPI
Everyone, when you have a moment later please watch Dior, Nate, and Hila's musical profile of the NYC Compost sites - it will bring a smile to your face and a sense of hope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zr8aV_d1YA
Dior St. Hillaire @GreenFeen
Dior St. Hillaire @GreenFeen
Sure! Intro 844 (establishes 0x30 goal), Intro 2250 (requires a DSNY 0x30 plan), and Intro 2103 (food donation web portal)
Dior St. Hillaire @GreenFeen
that's from Rebecca!
Justin Wood, NYLPI
Thank you Rebeca Sabnam and Cafeteria Culture for your tireless advocacy!
Craig Trester
Has there been any discussion on working towards implementing a decentralzied and distributed model for the future of NYC’s community compost program? (One that would work to support local community members to compost in their neighborhoods, rather than the current collection/drop off system that is sent to a centralized facilty)
Tok Oyewole
thanks for uplifting intertwined nature of zero waste AND environmental justice CM Lander
Greg Todd
In response to Craig Trester, the Save Our Compost wants the CORE Act to include compost processing centers distributed throughout each Boro. The problem is siting. For this we need the help of the Mayor.
Danielle Dookie
Can we request that restaurants fulfilling delivery orders charge a utensil fee? I find it frustrating to constantly receive plastic utensils when I have food being delivered to my home. I know plenty of people who have a large collection of unused utensils which is wasted plastic
Ellen Cooper
We know that people are generally resistant to separating food waste. But they also hate rats. In our arguments, why don't we connect the proliferation of rats to the placement of food into the black garbage bags? If people understand that connection, it will be motivating to them to stop feeding the rats.
Dior St. Hillaire @GreenFeen
YES Ceci!!!
Ceci Pineda
Thank you Chair Reynoso and all!
jason ludwig
Ms. Cooper I think you make a really nice point. It seems to me that composting would be able to reduce the rat problem in the city. I think if this message was spread many more people would engage w/composting.
Rich Grousset
I’m with you Danielle. Charging a fee or requiring utensils be provided only upon request would eliminate a lot of waste. There is a “Skip the Stuff” campaign happening related to this issue. I don’t have my fingers on more information though.
Melissa Iachan
Skip the Stuff: https://legistar.council.nyc.gov/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=4165196&GUID=76109C62-3A26-4883-867D-832BDA63FF79&Options=Advanced&Search=
Clare Miflin
Yes, @Ellen Cooper, people hate rats, piles of trash on the sidewalk, and cockroaches in buildings - separating organic waste helps all of that. The other point is that compost has so many benefits if applied to the city’s landscaped areas and parks - retaining and cleaning stormwater, keeping our city green and reducing flooding.
Rich Grousset
Thanks, Melissa!
Clare Miflin
For Anne @NYT - I believe all Parks should consider composting of their own leaves and tree trimmings as part of maintenance to regenerate their soils. They should accept a proportional amount of food waste to make better compost, and incorporate volunteer labor like at LESEC or Earth Matters or Red Hook Farms to ensure that composting is educational and recreational (it’s good exercise!). The Center for Zero Waste Design is working with the Save our Compost group to look into this.
Dior St. Hillaire @GreenFeen
Melissa Iachan
Cole, happy to chat offline
Julie Tighe - NYLCV
we asked major candidates for mayor about composting and zero waste and have a forum tomorrow night
Julie Tighe - NYLCV
Anna Sacks
All food chains with over 2 stores must compost (NYC law). In actuality, there’s very little happening right now, unfortunately, and little enforcement from DSNY
Danielle Dookie
Thank you for sharing Skip the Stuff Melissa!
Julie Tighe - NYLCV
thank you to Justin and NYLPI for convening and coordinating!
Maritza Silva-Farrell
Thank you all!
jason ludwig
Thanks you