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PFP: Long Term Care Planning - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Prendergast
Genworth is killing our clients with increases and it seems that Options 1 and 2 will give clients a few months of coverage, otherwise they are looking at nearly tripling their premiums IF approved by the Dept. of Insurance. Any idea as to the likelihood of these severe increases succeeding?
Rob Seltzer
Yes - I have seen the same thing. It seems like they are trying to get off the hook from their obligations with scare tactics to try to get clients to take the cash out options
CalCPA - Emily Ku
You can send any other questions to pfp@calcpa.org. The presentation recording and materials will be posted on CalCPA.org/pfp.
Glenn Hammill
Can we obtain these slides? I see they are not uploaded to CalCPA's website
CalCPA - Emily Ku
They will be uploaded on the CalCPA.org/pfp page.
Rob Seltzer
Great presentation with lots of useful information