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Rock Point Staff Town Hall - Elementary - Shared screen with speaker view
Jenny Pickard
Question from Christine Loveridge: Many of us Departmentalize, is this a year we should prepare to self-contain to limit exposure both as protection for students and teachers?
Bonnie Shirk
It seems that it would make sense to open all schools in August in Phase 2 until the end of the month. Then, in September, the county could step into the appropriate phase listed due to active cases. This way, parents and teachers could get a feel of what Phase 2 would look and feel like, if we had to quickly move to that, as well as getting children slowly used to the new way of being a student during this time.
Mary Balde
Will be having smaller class sizes with desks needing to be six feet apart?
Caroline Mabry
If ESOL students opt for online will they be served by both the classroom teacher and the ESOL teacher?
Kathy Lennon
Thank you for all the work being done. I know that this is not easy. Will option 2 students have the same teachers for academics and arts that option 1 students have?
Lauren Odum
1. Liability of teachers, admin, and school staff Parent liability waiver? What would discourage a parent from suing me for infecting their child and how does the county plan on protecting me from litigation? 2. Sick days- will these count against teachers if they have to be quarantined from a positive test or being around someone with a positive test. Check with the Health Dept it is not just a 14 day quarantine. If a teacher test positive they have to quarantine and then they will have to stay out another 14 for their children’s quarantine. A teacher will miss between 21-28 days. How are we going to find subs for this amount of time? 3. How are we supposed to socially distance students in phase 3 with 25-28 students in one class? It is not realistic to space students apart 6ft because of class size. 4. What is the plan for schools without a nurse? Currently our office staff deals with sick children. They are not trained to know the symptoms or how to properly deal with students that symptomatic.
Grace Cleary
Thank you, Dr. Sharpe. I think Rock Point teachers rose to the challenges quickly and competently.
Lauren Odum
Why is the task force only looking at active cases and not rate of growth as well like other districts?
Jill Levine
The task force is looking at those other numbers (including hospitalizations, ICU, etc.) as well.
Kathy Lennon
How many hours per day will option 2 families be expected to sit in front of a device (including “homework”) we need very clear specifics? Ditto with Zoom. How can parents decide without knowing what it will look like at home?
Kristin Sharp
In K-2, will all teachers be required to teach both in-person and virtually, or will there be teachers designated to do just virtual teaching? Will that decision be up to individual schools?
Jill Levine
Kathy - We have a new set of information pages that include a sample schedule. While we are required to schedule 6.5 hours per day, you will see that some of that time is for independent work, PE opportunity, etc. Schools will also start to create their own sample schedules as we move forward.
Kira Ayers
What is the plan for employees with children who are too young to stay home alone for hybrid learning?
Kathy Lennon
Thank you, Jill!
Kathy Lennon
For option 1 and 2 families, what exactly does “reduced schedule” mean? In Phase 2 and 3, there will be a reduced schedule. But Dr Johnson made a comment in the SB meeting that there would be attendance required every day, including Wednesdays. This needs clarifying please. Kids are talking about option 1 because that’s only two days of school. We need to be cautious here.
Jill Levine
Thanks, Kathy. Understood! There are definitely no easy answers.
Laura Sport
Has any thought been given to teachers with school-aged children? Or young children?
Jill Levine
To the questions about teachers with school-aged children -- yes, that is something that the team is working on. Senior leadership will see all of these questions and will work to address them.
Kathy Lennon
Any thought given for IB Classes at SMMHS and Ooltewah HS for AtHome students?
Wendi Orenstein
and dual enrollment classes
April Lander
What considerations are being given in terms of service delivery for SLPs, OTs, PTs who have high caseloads and work with multiple children from multiple classes daily and often work in small, poorly ventilates spaces?
Michelle Kernea
Who do we contact if there is a concern about being high risk? Is there a point person who is in charge at HR?
Jill Levine
Kathy -- that would be a good question to ask individual principals directly. They are working to take the district's overall framework for HCS at Home and now apply it at their individual schools. I know that principals are trying to offer as much as they can in all scenarios. They will know a lot more about their plans after July 22, when we have results from parents about what option they are choosing.
Breckan Duckworth
The HCS at Home website was updated yesterday to include additional information. Some questions may be answered there. This includes a link to a one pager with a schedule. https://www.hcde.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=30594677
Jill Levine
Michelle - Did you complete the faculty survey that came out from HR? If so, someone from HR will contact you.
Kathy Lennon
How will attendance be taken for kids in option 2 and 3?
Kathy Lennon
When will each school start communicating with parents and teachers? Parents and teachers want to hear from their school/principal.
Jill Levine
Kathy - Option 2 (HCS at Home) teachers will take attendance, as kids will be expected to take part in synchronous learning opportunities. Option 3 is full virtual school and that program will be different. Students are much more independent in terms of when they do their work.
Jinlin Baker
For families that choose the HCS at home option and receive related services such as OT, PT, Speech, Vision, etc,, how will these services be delivered? Homebound? Could students be given the option to come to school for therapy only?
Jill Levine
Most principals either have sent out a call to parents or are sending it out by the end of the day today. So, parents will hear very soon!
Kathy Lennon
Thank you, Jill!
Diane Huseman
I have not heard anything about taking students' temperatures as they arrive at school. Is that something the district is talking about?
Kira Ayers
Will the district be providing the schools with masks, gloves and disinfectant? Or is this something the schools need to order on an individual basis?What additional supports will the district provide the schools with this transition? Additional staff, supplies, etc.
Lillian Rogers
Are there plans for the classrooms in option 1 to have reduced class sizes for the year or semester to accommodate social distancing in phase 3?
Jill Levine
JInlin - I know that Garfield Adams and his team are working on IEP related questions. We will share this question with them.
Jill Levine
Kira - we have a team that is working on ordering masks, hand sanitizer, etc. for schools.
Jinlin Baker
Thank you Jill
Kelly Reynolds
What happens when a student does not keep the mask on above 2nd grade? 1 of my 6 has not yet kept a mask on for more than 10 seconds. We read social stories, reward, etc. but with her sensory needs, her thoughts are consumed on what is touching her face.
keith fogleman
Temperatures will be taken in Phase 2.
Kelly Reynolds
can we ha
Kelly Reynolds
Sorry. Can we have a town hall regarding ExEd before parents have to decide which option? Those are the questions I get most of the time.
Sally Brown
Are there any exceptions for students with special needs who refuse to wear a mask?
Kelly Reynolds
Will there be training videos for each virtual platform being used for parents?
Tracey Peele
Will Exceptional Education students be able to use ClassLink for Ex Ed specific software, i.e. Grade Results, S.P.I.R.E., etc?
Jenny Hill
The initial framework stated that HCS@Home would be provided by HCS — but not teachers at the child’s school. Are our schools going to have to figure out how to balance kids in and out of the classroom? Ex: face giving up a teacher to handle a grade level of HCS@Home
keith fogleman
Sally, we will work with special needs students regarding wearing masks.
Janet Layne
How will it work for student teachers who are planning to student teach in the fall
Kathy Lennon
Just a thought……how about HCS start at Phase 2 until after Labor Day. This will give principals, teachers, students, & parents time to adjust to masks, social distancing, safe practices, virtual learning, etc., etc., Are we rushing this process? Maybe we all need to take a deep breath and start slowly.
Wendy Pritchett
Will temperatures be taken BEFORE students get on the school bus? Many times, students come to school sick and parents are not available (or have no way) to pick them up.
Sally Brown
Keith, Thank You.
who is required to do all the disinfecting between bathroom uses etc and where is lunch being conducted. I’m hearing different scenarios on these
Pam Johnston
Kathy Lennon I like your Phase 2 thought for the first month.
Kelly Reynolds
When in phase 2, is there any plan to help teachers with there own childcare needs?
keith fogleman
Wendy, We considered this option but will not be taking temps before children get on buses due to highway safety reasons. All students will wear a mask on the bus.
Michelle Mann
I had a dream this morning that my class size was 15! We’ll see how accurate my dreams are soon! ha!
Tiesha Bradley
If a student comes to school sick but a parent isn’t available to pick them up, what are the next steps?
Kaylin Daughtery
Sorry if this has already been asked (internet kicked me off so I missed some) Will there be a change in student attendance policy and teacher sick days? With a 14 day quarantine-if it happens-we are only given 10 sick days. How will that work?
Jenny Pickard
Question from Ashley Gorman: My question is about childcare in Phase 2 as well. If my child's school is closed and mine is open how will childcare be available?
Ashley Cross
Not sure if these have been answered but here are a few from a teacher... 1. Do we need to prepare individual materials for each student since we can't have community supplies? We are worried about not getting enough supplies in, especially not knowing who our K students will be. Also, very concerned about not having enough hand sanitizer and clorox wipes. 2. Will teachers be responsible for purchasing our own masks/shields(if required)? 3. We are also concerned about how we can help students without being close to them, for tying shoes, putting on masks, consoling, etc. 4. If we get moved to the hybrid model, how will we be expected to teach and keep up with students at school and at home? 5. Do we know if the first few PD days are virtual or in person?
Michelle Jacobson
I’m new to Hamilton County and am wondering about the requirements for remote learning facilitation. is there a certain percentage that needs to be offered as synchronous instruction versus asynchronous?
Michelle Mann
If a teacher thinks she has the common cold (no fever) will she be expected to quarantine? What symptoms would call for this?
Aleasha Agee
Will our classrooms be disinfected each day following the CDC disinfection and sterilization guidelines?
Emily Parsons
As parents, how can we make the most informed choice for our own children, in regards to the 3 options, without knowing what our jobs will look like until after the numbers come in on July 22?We won't know how many days students will be in buildings, class sizes, or if we will be teaching in person or virtual ourselves.
Kathy Lennon
Will ALL schools start on the same Phase?
Sarah Beddoe
As a follow up to my question regarding elementary related arts-- are there any guidelines currently set in place? All of my art students share art supplies and share the art space each week. If students came into my classroom, I would need extra time to disinfect my class multiple times a day. If students were not allowed into my room and I were to visit each classroom and bring art supplies (art on a cart), I would still personally be putting myself and other students in a high risk situation with continuous cross exposure.
Kelly Reynolds
Will SACC accept someone that is unable to take care of toileting needs?
Kelly Reynolds
If that student has an ancillary? Would the ancillary go to SACC with them?
keith fogleman
Kathy, on August 12, we anticipate that all schools will start in the same phase.
Kathy Lennon
Thank you, Keith.
Emily Binegar
The HCS Reopening Guidelines draft states the importance for social distancing (6 feet) while on busses, eating lunch, outdoor, classrooms, etc. Having a range of 3-5 tables in a room, regardless of class sizes, still means 2+ students to be seated at the same table.If we've reached out to our principal and know there are not enough desks currently for our school and likely other elementary schools to switch from tables to desks will plans be put in place to order these before we are in any emergency need?I'm concerned that not having distancing in the classroom where students and teachers are spending most of their time will negate the distancing in place for busses, hallways, etc. Additionally, our youngest students are not required to wear masks typically have tables in their classrooms. Will families be privy to this information when making their decision for sending their students to school?
Kira Ayers
Aren't we exposing our staffs' children further by having them go to said childcare site? Wouldn't it be better just to have them in the classroom? Will they be completing the remote learning piece with the children as well?
Michelle Mann
I have round tables instead of desks. Can I still keep the round tables?
Becky Davidson
circulation of library materials?
Angela Tuttle
This is the first I’ve heard about the BEP money being paid in a lump sum. When will that happen?
Michelle Mann
I wish they would give each teacher the forehead thermometer. I would be happy to check them on the way in the door.
Kathy Lennon
Good idea, Michelle!
Michelle Mann
Thank you! It would keep a large pool from gathering at nurse’s station as well.
Michelle Jacobson
follow up question about synchronous instruction: do teachers need to record those sessions in order to have them available for students who are not present during the real time class session?
Jill Levine
Angela -- It's a new plan to make things more effective for all involved. I have texted Brent Goldberg to try to get a specific date.
Jamelie Johns
tentative date for payment is August 28th is what was shared at admin meeting for BEP to be paid
Lee Cook
good question, Michelle jacobson! I’m not hearing any real answers about implementation!
Amy Smith
The health dept said people who come in contact with a COVID case should be quarantined about 10 days. What plans are going to be in place for those teachers who are still able to work from home but are required to stay at home? Will there be an option for those teachers so they do not have to exhaust their sick leave? Would the entire school then go into a quarantine so then taking sick days would not be required?
Kathy Lennon
If a student is doing HCSHome and not going to band or theatre or choral how do they count credit for class?
Jenny Pickard
Thanks for joining the call! If we weren’t able to get to your question or you wish to share something anonymously, you can fill out this form: https://bit.ly/ReopeningPanelSurvey
CarolAnne Coppinger
Lee, there will be recorded lessons by the Content Demo Teachers that you can use also